Change. There is a phonetical ring in its cadence. Yet, we often resist the weight of it. Life is a continuous flux of change.

There are faces of change, burdens of change, adventurous change, and life altering change. We experience change. The changing of the seasons, sudden change, and sometimes the slow to change.

Time changes. Or the time to change: technological change, political change, procedural change. Progress itself denotes change whether economic, environmental, or ecclesiastical change. Ad infinitum.

Whether of notions, emotions, psychological, or physical the whims of change surround us, transform us, and confront our identity. Life is measured by change.

Spiritual change comes through repentance, redemption, justification, sanctification. “In a twinkling of an eye,” change is going to come! Life waits for change. A sacred change.

Change can be for good and bad. Reasonable, expected, and justifiable, as well as, unreasonable, unexpected, and unjustifiable. Either way we tend to prefer change with the guarding of what it may require. We seldom admit we don’t like change, but we remain apprehensive. That is okay. Apprehension, like change, can be good and bad.

But change must always be checked by motive: motives of the heart; motives of the mind. Realize we may be ignoring, assuming, and zealously pursuing for something we cannot even fully comprehend. Change should not be held as valuable in and of itself, but always manually adjusted through the lens of truth. Unfiltered truth.

Change: to be taught and to teach. A change of self. For now we wait on the Lord, wait for the sacred change.

Numbers 23:19; Hebrews 13:8, James 1:17

written by Michelle Kelso Kafer

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