One Man, One Woman.

One man, one woman declared knowledge in humility observes who balances justice.
(1 Samuel 2;Habakkuk 2)
One man, one woman departed comfort and security for a blessing.
(Genesis 12:1-5;Matthew 1:18-25, 2:13-15;Luke 2:28-35)
One man, one woman spared a nation from annihilation.
(Genesis 45:5-13;Ester 3:8-13,7:1-6)
One man, one woman penned wisdom’s poetry to the core of the soul.
(Proverbs 4;Proverbs 31)
One man, one woman garnered victory, judged righteously, and prophesied truth.
(Deuteronomy 34:10-12;Judges 4:1-9;5:7)
One man, one woman led festive dances of triumphant praise.
(Exodus 15:19-20;2 Samuel 6:14-16)
One man, one woman saved a lineage from ending.
(Joshua 2:11-13,18-19,6:25;Ruth 4:9-10)
One man, one woman scorned by love devoted their love beyond the self with redeeming hope.
(Genesis 29-30;Hosea)

A self, whether sculpted or etched, authentic or mimicry, blossoming or crushed, shadow or pillar, adored or despised, molded or crafted, discovered or lost, broken or misplaced, valiant or frail is distinct. However made known to the conscience one’s self is forged into the depths of the soul.

Whether viewed as an enduring beacon or ghastly spectacle in ruins, neither are void of transformation. To grapple with one’s self is to embark on the grounds of the supernatural. We are not made for the Self, though much ink through philosophies, economizing, and psychological analysis vainly attempts to find fulfillment in such hollow pursuits.

An identity is the reflection that cannot be fully grasped, in the same way as the glass captures the light and water imprints the staring of oneself back. The Godhead fashioned His image onto men and women. The pursuit of humanity needs not ask ‘What is my identity?’ But rather, ‘What will I DO with my identity?’

Will you be One Man, or One Woman to defy deception and be a watchman of truth in the gap of vanities? Thank God for the One Men, and One Women who have stayed the heart of God’s love and implored forth His mercies new every morning. Hold fast to His promise reserved for those who keep their mind stayed on Him.

One Messiah declared, departed, spared, penned, garnered, led, saved, and scorned by love still echoes: The Way, The Truth, the Life.

Be a One Man, or a One Woman.

Dare to be a One or morph into the masses…
(Lamentations 3:22-23;Isaiah 26:3;John 14:6;Hebrews 11)

written by Michelle Kelso Kafer

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