In Pursuit of a Paradox’s Purpose

“I want to live conquered, and not experience a life free of oppression,” said No One ever.

We need law, and want liberty. We need authority, and want autonomy. We need others, and want to exalt the self.

Can there be any balance between the needs of life, and the wants of life?

We see the paradoxes of life, and want to conquer them.

There is one paradox that rules them all.
The paradox of Law & Liberty.

Balance is a fierce struggle. One we hardly ever seem to make happen, and if we do, it seems very short lived. The scales of balance tilt so easily. An obvious example is the surge and subsiding of the fragile position of justice in the human experience. We poise justice as a virtue, a noble artifact of historical prominence worthy of our effort to dust off and display on the mantle of modernism. However, history is proof that human ability to master the art of justice is a far cry from the ideals we voice to embrace.

The ways of justice to us are like play on a seesaw. The difficulty is finding the perfect playmate to counterbalance our weight, and be able to sit elevated at rest on the pivot point. Such is a remarkable feat. Even harder, to remain at that rest.

Do you remember as a child, the trial and error? The waiting to see if you were the “match?” The teeter and the tauter, as the balance gave way. Of course, if a “perfect” playmate was found to counterbalance, the choice of liberty remained. Both playmates could work toward the state of seesaw equilibrium, or one jumps off, and the seesaw abruptly would return to its natural incline. While the other experienced the jolt and a bruised bum.

Sometimes the soul seem like a seesaw in the playground of life. Is there a law of soul in equilibrium where liberty is found? A peaceful liberty, where the soul finds the perfect “match” to the pivot point of rest?

Equilibrium is a “state in which opposite forces or influences are balanced.” Sounds beautiful. Sounds daunting. Seems almost impossible. In order to achieve such a global state of affairs we might admit, “It would take a miracle.”

Is humanity doomed to the cyclical upheavals of oppression and revolution? Must we live our lives as letters on the pages of history only turned by the smudges of fingerprints stained by ill gains? Whether totalitarian regimes offer illusory security, whether society subjects itself to the illustrious myth of freedom’s reign to “do whatever is right in your own eyes,” whether a monarchy claims a divine connection unattainable to the masses, or society seeks morality as a basis for legislation, humanity finds the limitations to its wishful pursuits. Power, greed, pleasures, and pretense dominate our legacy of dominion over the earth. Much like the seesaw, we abruptly return to our natural inclinations.

There is one paradox that created them all.
The paradox of Word and Life.

Creation is awesome to behold. From the microscopic to the macrocosms.  Wonder abounds more than the reach and speed of light, more than the drops in the oceans, or the morning dawns of time. An expanse spread out before us that lures us into continuous discovery.

The mystery of life abounds. I do believe life was created in seven days. A week literally formed from out of a void. Time was touched and given motion. God spoke words of life. The universe came out from the corridors of His mind and the corners of His mouth. The residual power of words impact every detail of our lives. We know and feel this.

There is one paradox that contributed to them all.
The paradox of the Word and Redemption.

Redemption is a supernatural salvation.  God ordained the Word to become flesh. Jesus Christ took on the weight of Savior of the World. Not a superhero of mythical proportions. No ego of self-centric attention. We like those kinds of demi-gods. We are entertained by those kinds. We idolize those kinds. Instead, “the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,”1 is of piercing omniscience that knows the hearts of humanity. An Anointed One of omnipresent mercy to heal the body and soul of humanity. A Savior of omnipotent forgiveness to destroy the power of evil and sin’s dominion. 

  • There is truth to the idea that a law offers the balance to “walk in liberty.”
  • There is a kind of soul free from the constraints of their environment, but secure in relationship to a controlled authority.
  • There is proof of testimony that an elevated spirit can rises above and linger at a soulful rest for their number of days on earth.

An astonishing meditation is that God gives everything we need, in Seven WORDs, for us to CONQUER the balance of life and liberty! What takes God seven words to unveil to us, yields the longest chapter in the Bible as the Psalmist comes to realize the application and power he has in delighting in them.

Psalms 119:

  1. Law – all instructions God has given to humanity
  2. Testimony – the witness of God’s person, purposes, and statements
  3. Ways – the methods by which God acts, and the methods by which He wants His people to act
  4. Precepts – the authoritative principles
  5. Statutes – the written rules of conduct
  6. Commandments – all specific orders
  7. Judgments – the judicial decisions

These are not simply religious accolades of style. These seven words of how God chose to reveal His pursuit after the human soul provides the equitable, cross-culture means for peace, truth, law, and liberty to govern the activities of all, for all time. When these seven words are ignored, well, look at what mayhem occurs. Life and all tell-tale signs of struggle to gain what we should delight to possess is lost and leaves a ravaged soul. Freedom for our posterity to know how to “walk in liberty,” requires us to initiate not just the knowledge, but the glorious grace and joy that exceeds “thousands of gold and silver pieces” (Psalm 119:72).

Liberty is not a scarce resource, though such is scarcely found. Liberty is not happen-chance, liberty takes sacrifice. One who “walks in liberty,” above the earth that binds them down, must study the salvation of their soul.

I will walk freely in an open place
because I study your precepts.2

The Spirit of the Lord God is on me,
because the Lord has anointed me
to bring good news to the poor.
He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted,
to proclaim liberty to the captives
and freedom to the prisoners;3

But the one who looks intently
into the perfect law of freedom and perseveres in it,
and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer who works—
this person will be blessed in what he does.4

See to achieve what seems impossible to the masses of humanity is simple to enlarge one’s heart toward the Law and Liberty of what is attainable to the follower of Jesus Christ. Receive the invitation to come and commune with a God contrary to expectations.

Read 1 Peter 1 and Galatians 5.

Notes: (CSB)

  1. 2 Peter 3:18
  2. Psalm 119:72
  3. Isaiah 61:1
  4. James 1:25

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