One means of relaxation for me is to grab a book of antiquity, curl up in a comfy chair and get lost in the days that have already been. Humanity from old to new always holds an element of surprise, familiar thoughts, and events that rapture the imagination. Life is beautiful, tragic, yet always full of wonder. To step into history is paradoxically the very way we can understand ourselves better. History yields a Venn diagram of sorts with its shades of commonality and stark differences where the boundary of time divides us. The heart of humanity is unveiled within the pages of the Bible. There is no greater, no more poetic, no vaster depiction of the human struggle of the knowledge of the good and evil.

A miracle of God’s love toward humanity is His tenacious pursuit for the heart of humanity, His image-bearer (Psalm 8). There is no greater love, no more beautiful testament, and no more heart wrenching tragedy than the tearing apart of the sacred union between God and humanity (Genesis 3). But God. ‘He came, He lived, He died’, and He conquered death to redeem the sacred union for anyone who would receive Him (Romans 5). Will you? Every man and women must ask this question. A decision is required. Life hangs in the balance of the soul’s answer. What will be the heart’s response to His offering? Join me as I delve into the pages of the Scriptures where the depth of the human essence is for the glory of the Lord (2 Thessalonians 2:13-17). Discover with me the ‘art of living’ through the scope of our Creator.